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Bigger Girls Mary Jane with Big Bow (silver) 4-3034-143

Best Shoes for Kids 3034-143
$60.00 Brand: TOKETOKE

These Toke mary janes with a big sparkly bow will make your princess the belle of the ball.

  • Buckle closure
  • Leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Made in Brazil

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Code Size
4-3034-143_19 25 EU 2 items in stock
4-3034-143_20 26 EU 2 items in stock
4-3034-143_21 27 EU 1 item in stock
4-3034-143_28 28 EU No stock
4-3034-143_29 29 EU 3 items in stock
4-3034-143_30 30 EU 2 items in stock
4-3034-143_31 31 EU 1 item in stock
4-3034-143_32 32 EU 6 items in stock
4-3034-143_33 33 EU 5 items in stock
4-3034-143_34 34 EU 3 items in stock
4-3034-143_35 35 EU 2 items in stock
3034B-143_36 36 EU 1 item in stock
4-3034-143_41 37 EU 1 item in stock
4-3034-143_42 38 EU 1 item in stock
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